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Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Road House” is a remake.

Jake Gyllenhaal starrer “Road House” is a remake of Patrick Swayze starrer 1989 movie by the same name, an action flick directed by Doug Liman. Alongside Jake, Daniel A Melchior, Conor Mc Gregor, J D Pardo star in the movie.

The story is about a Bouncer who ends up working at a Road House in the Florida Keys who happens to be a UFC Middleweight Fighter and has to get rid of the goons who mess in the busy hours of business in the “Road House”.

Jake Gyllenhaal continues to prove his talent and versatility as an actor in his latest film, Road House. In this witty remake of the 1989 original, Gyllenhaal portrays Elwood Dalton, a former UFC fighter-turned-bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse.

Dalton’s character is not only physically strong, but also possesses a sharp wit and a no-nonsense attitude. He goes above and beyond his duties, ensuring that troublemakers understand the consequences of their actions. His question, “Do you have insurance?” before engaging in a fight, sets the tone for his straightforward approach. Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of Dalton is both reserved and matter-of-fact, adding depth to the character.

Road House, directed by Doug Liman, is a clever adaptation of the beloved original film. Unlike its predecessor, this version focuses more on sophisticated humor rather than brute strength. The film showcases Gyllenhaal’s ability to balance intensity with subtle comedic timing, making it an enjoyable watch.

The story begins with Dalton being approached by a bar owner, played by Jessica Williams, who offers him a job to clean up her establishment. Dalton accepts the offer, showcasing his friendly nature and forming connections with the locals. Along the way, he also teaches some troublemakers a lesson they won’t forget.

Overall, Road House is a testament to Jake Gyllenhaal’s talent as an actor. His performance as Elwood Dalton brings a fresh and entertaining twist to this remake. With its blend of humor and action, this film is sure to captivate audiences.

The first portion of the film is light-hearted and unexpectedly enjoyable, primarily due to the treatment and Gyllenhaal’s polished performance at the center. However, complications arise with the introduction of a wealthy antagonist and the ultimate formidable nemesis, Knox, portrayed by real-life MMA star Conor McGregor.

Knox possesses a talent for chaos, and McGregor steals the spotlight in several scenes as this exaggerated villain, injecting much-needed comedic flair into his role. Although it may be predictable, it turns out there is a significant amount of violence yet to come. If only the resident crocodile had been utilized more!

In conclusion, Road House is unapologetic about its predictability and delivers on the well-executed action sequences. However, the supporting cast and their dynamics feel somewhat forced and could have benefitted from further development.

Additionally, the protagonist’s troubled past, a common archetype, tends to overshadow the requirements of the second half. Nonetheless, Gyllenhaal’s portrayal brings a refreshing energy to his testosterone-fueled character, ultimately saving the day and resulting in a surprisingly enjoyable and captivating remake for this generation.

The original producer of 1989 “Road House”, Joel Silver has produced this movie as well, Amazon MGM will release the movie via streaming on Amazon Prime in the US on 21 March 2024 onwards.


Frequently asked questions.


Road House is rated R for portraying violence, nudity & bad language. 

Road house is a good movie and lived up to the cult hit original movie, Patrick Swayze’s  “Road House” released in 1989 .

Billy Magnussen and Connor McGregor have played the baddies in Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Road House”.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Road House” is shot in Dominican Republic.

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