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Fifth and final season of Star Trek : Discovery to stream on Paramount +, from 4th April 2024 onwards.

The grand finale season of total five seasons, the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery Captained by Michael Burnham,  discovering a secret that will put them on an adventurous journey  across the galaxy to search and uncover  the power which hidden for ages. but powerful adverseries are also on the hunt to grab the same power.

in the chronological order of  occurance, Star Trek: Discovery  starts ten years earlier than the events of  star Trek : The Original Series. wherein Commander Michael Burnham’s orders start a war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klignton Empire, Captain is demoted  and sent to head the USS Discovery, the spacecraft has advanced propulsion system. under which the which helps win the Kligton war.

Captain is Burnham is promoted  as head of of Discovery, in fourth season the crew of Discovery helps Federation regroup and emerge stronger.   In the finale season, the Discovery takes a journey of great adventure to find a greatest power.

The fifth season will stream on Paramount + from, 4 April 2024 onwards.

Sonequa Martin-Green
Michael Burnham, Captain Michael Burnham
Mary Wiseman
Sylvia Tilly
Doug Jones
Anthony Rapp
Paul Stamets
Wilson Cruz
Hugh Culber
David Ajala
Cleveland “Book” Booker
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