The success of Aquaman 2 can be attributed to a number of factors, including the continuation of the original film’s storyline, the introduction of new characters and plot twists, and the star power of Momoa himself. Fans of the first film were eager to see where the story would go next, and Aquaman 2 did not disappoint.

One of the most notable differences between Aquaman and its sequel is the international appeal of the latter. While the first film was a hit in the United States which collected $ 335 Million & $ 817 Million in the international market its worldwide collections were over massive $ 1.15 Billion, Aquaman 2 has done pretty good in markets around the world, including China, where it has already become one of the top grossing Hollywood movies by collectiong over $ 65 Million.

The success of Aquaman 2 is not as big as its predecessor but a testament to the enduring popularity of the superhero genre, as well as the skill and creativity of the filmmakers behind the project. With its stunning visuals, engaging storyline, and charismatic lead actor, Aquaman 2 is come to a halt in terms of theatrical collections. but the movie will entertain the superhero’s fans on digital platform “Max” from 27 Feb 2024 onwards in the US when the movie will start streaming. Aquaman 2 is directed by James Wan. Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson star alongside Jason Momoa in the title role.

As fans eagerly await the next installment in the Aquaman franchise, one thing is clear: Aquaman 2 has cemented its place as a true sensation, Whether you’re a longtime fan of the character or a newcomer to the world of Atlantis, Aquaman 2 is a film that is not to be missed.