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Ellen DeGeneres to make a come back as Stand Up Comedian.

On 15 Feb, Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres took the stage of Stand up Comedy in Beth & Pals Show at the Largo in Los Angeles,  The show already has star Stand – up comedians like Adam Sandler Aidy Bryant, Ted Lasso, Sarah Silverman, Alana Jhonstaon , Brett Goldstein etc.
Ellen DeGeneres Performs Surprise Stand-Up Set at L.A. Comedy Club.
Ellen DeGeneres performs at the Largo on Feb. 15. 


Ellen teased fans will see it “soon enough,” on the video clip shared on Instagram. “Ellen got to do something she’s wanted to get back to for a long time”. she thanks Beth Stelling at Largo for letting her go up, she wanted go back on stage for a while now.



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