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Fully recovered Jeremy Renner performs stunt for a Super Bowl Commercial.

Jeremy Renner 53, who was gravely injured by a snow plow in January 23, after one year it seems like he has  recovered fully as he has shot a Super Bowl  Commercial for Silk  flavored drink.

Renner in the commercial,  slices strawberries in the air, pours milk in the blender, then jumps on the kitchen top to perform a stunt in front of his daughter for whom he is preparing breakfast,  on his daughter’s approval of his stunts to which he replies “Just getting back in my routine ”.

Renner performed all the stunts in the commercial by himself, for a press question about his recovery, Jeremy replied “[I’m doing] probably 90 percent of all the things I needed to be doing … I think another six months will be hopefully running [more] … I got to set goals for myself. I’ll do whatever I can … whatever it takes to get better, to get stronger.”

Jeremy Renner  was hurt when a Snow Plow ran over him, he was seriously hurt and admitted in the hospital with orthopedic injuries and chest trauma.

The commercial Youtube Video.
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