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The script of Star War, starring Harrison Ford sold for 10795 Pounds.

Harrison Ford in Star Wars':

Harrison Ford had left behind fourth draft of the script of Star Wars Episode 1 at the flat in the Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill,  Ford was  staying in the flat thru 1976.  the script was  auctioned at Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, on Saturday for £10,795 was bought by a Austrian Collector.

The scriptExcalibur auctions

Harrison Ford was using the script while he filmed at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, the script is dated March 15, 1976, is incomplete and revised with several colors  and includes scenes and characters. The script reads as  “The Adventures of Luke Starkiller”, as taken from the ” Journal of the Whills” by George Lucas. (Saga 1,) Star Wars. 

Items from the collection
Excalibur Auctions.

Some other notes left behind by Harrison Ford, were sold to a UK collector for £4,826. one note has reference of a meeting between  Ford and the Indiana Jones producer Robert Watts.

Ford went on to appear in 4 movies of Star Wars between 1977 and 2015. 

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