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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3, first three episodes released on Disney+.

The first three episodes titled  “Confined”, “Paths Unknown” and “Shadow of Tantiss” of ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3’ are now steaming on Disney +.

To get away from the shackles of  Dr Emerie Karr’s cloning Lab, Omega and Crosshair  battle  and regroup with the Bad Batch to counter the Empire.

In the second season  Omega has been taken by the Empire,  Wrecker & Hunter are grieving  their brother Tech’s death, Season 3 takes off from there. 

The Episode 1: titled “Confined”  wherein Omega is held by the Empire on Mount Tantiss, the episode showcases Omega’s daily routine and challenges she faces which makes her character strong and resilient.

The Episode 2: titled “Paths Unknown,” highlights last remaining members of Bad Batch “Hunter and Wrecker”  both of them  search for Omega, their desperation  to get Omega back is shown brilliantly, as Hunter and Wrecker come to Imperial Base which has taken over by ever- expanding Monster, but with the help of clones Hunter and Wrecker defeat the monster to regain the control of the Imperial base.

The Episode 3: titled “Shadows of Tantiss,”  Batcher saves Omega who is part of the family now, Omega and Crosshair  take control of a the Imperial shuttle, Omega makes her escape from Dr Hemlock’s facility.

All in all solid take off to a finale  season of 15 episodes, first three episodes have set the perfect tone for the remaining episodes. 

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