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Dune : Part – 2, Impresses the critics



Sequel of Dune Part One, is previewed by critic’s and they are awestruck and super impressed by the movies epic scale, critics have unanimously gave thumbs up to all the department’s of the movie, be it Direction, Cinematography,  Visual Effects, Sound and  the fine ensemble of star cast of Timothee Chalamet & Zendaya  Asutin Butler, Florence Pugh & Christopher Walken. Dennis Vileneuve has directed this visual treat.

lets checek what the critics are saying this about Dune -2 .

BBC Culture review : “In a cast stacked with an absurd number of contemporary cinema’s finest actors, it’s Butler who steals the show as a vampiric sadist with some of the strutting rock’n’roll sexiness that the actor had in Elvis”. 

The Guardian : Has praised Villeneuve’s direction and said “it’s impossible to imagine anyone doing it better”.

(Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures)

Empire (4 stars ): review states “there are plenty of plates spinning – and for the most part, Villeneuve displays remarkable control over them all. Beyond that, he marshals staggering sequences to blow you to the back of your seat”

FT Review:   “XXL spectacle” with “epic aesthetics and human drama”

Esquire : said that “now he’s made the leap to battle-tested hero, Chalamet really lets it fly, summoning a more interesting performance”.

The Hollywood Reporter’s: praised Chalamet’s performance and noted that he “sheds the boyish innocence of the first film for a darker, more complicated persona”.

Rolling Stone : has written that almost three-hour-long second film is “what a true sci-fi epic looks like” and is “bigger, bolder and better than part one”

The Independent : gave the new film 5 out of 5 stars and said it was “like no other blockbuster in existence”

Fresh Fiction: said “Immersive, impressive, and wildly exhilarating, it’s an adrenaline rush to the head and heart, soaring in its breathtaking action sequences as much as it sings in its refined, evocative stillness”.

Mashable : Dune: Part Two’s most rousing action sequences are those that understand Dune is at its most exciting when it embraces the epic as well as the weird. Here, that takes the shape of an extended stay on the Harkonnens’ home planet of Giedi Prime, where a dark sun renders everything in stark black and white, and where architecture bulges and bends in ways that recall insects and bodily organs alike.

Screen International: Part Two picks up where the first installment left off, literally and figuratively, delivering another stunning set of gorgeous visuals and exceptional action sequences.

London Evening Standard : Villeneuve has learnt how to out-DuneDune. This is sharper, slicker, more resonant than the first installment.

Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler in Dune: Part Two (2024)(Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures)

The Lawrence of Arabia of science fiction  : this film, Villeneuve more fully realizes his overarching intent, and Dune becomes what it was meant to be pretty much all along.

The Daily Beast : writes an ambitious and exhilarating story that matches its style, it’s the finest thing Villeneuve has helmed and the 2024 film to beat for outsized sci-fi showmanship.

Variety : Like Christopher Nolan, the director is operating on the largest possible scale, pushing the medium to accommodate his vision. Also like Nolan, he has composer Hans Zimmer’s help in making everything sound as stunning as it looks.

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