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Stars of Dune – 2, enthrall the fans in London Premiere.

The lead stars of Dune – 2 Zendaya & Timothee scintillated the London Fans on Thursday’s event in Leicester Square with their flashy outfits as they walked the red carpet in the world premiere of  Dune sequel, Zendaya ‘s futuristic metallic suit wowed the audience as Timothee and other main cast Florence Pugh & Austin Butler  also walked the red carpet in glitz.

Coz of  the Hollywood actors and writers strikes the movie release date postponed. the Dune 2, will release on 15th March 24 in the US and on 1 March 2024 in the UK.

“Dune” is a sci fi film based a novel by the same name written by Frank Herbert, the sequel portrays Paul Atreides (Chalamet) learning the art of survaival in Dune ie Desert and avenge his father’s death, as Chani (Zendaya), and the other friends help him in the battle against his enemy. 

On the red carpet, the 28 year old Oscar nominee for best actor.  said he was hopeful that Dune: Part Three would follow.  The spider man star Zendaya & Timiothhe are extremely popular among youth audience.

The supporting cast also includes Rebecca Ferguson of Mission Impossible fame who plays as Timothee’s (Paul Atreides’s ) mother,  General Gurney Halleck is played by one more Hollywood heavy weight Josh Brolin, Emperor Shaddam is palyed by  Christopher Walken. 

Expectations for Dune: Part Two are great, after the huge success of the first installment, Dune: Part One, which has won 6 Oscars and a big  box office success with over $109 Million USD in the US and Internationally the movie has made whopping $325 Million USD and Worldwide it has grossed $434 Million USD, going by the craze for the movie and young star cast in the sequel, it  is expected to do very well at the box office.

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