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In American Cinematheque Awards Ceremony, Helen Mirren tears Up an AI generated Speech.


The Queen actor Hellen Mirren tears up a piece of paper in which an AI generated acceptance speech was written, the event held at Beverly Hilton Gala, Beverly Hill on 15 Feb 24 .The 37th Annual event honored Kevin Goetz , Screen Engine and Ms Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford  presented Ms Helen lifetime achievement award.

After receiving the award she started reading the pre written acceptance speech “Ladies and gentlemen and esteemed guests and dear friends, I am deeply humbled, profoundly honored to stand before you today accepting this extraordinary award. To be recognized for a lifetime devoted to the craft of acting is a privilege beyond words,” she said dramatically. “First and foremost, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the industry and the individuals who have supported me throughout this incredible journey. It is has been a life filled with passion, challenges and above all, an unyielding love for the art of storytelling.”

Then she said, “And that was written by AI,” she tore the paper in to pieces, the audience clapped with cheers to the hilarious act.

on the Red Carpet, she expressed that she would love to do a musical. 

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