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Film Heritage Foundation set up by George Lucas and Martin Scorsese to restore Indian classic film “Ghatashraddha”


Film Heritage Foundation set up by Martin Scorsese and George Lucas   Indian film in Kannada Language “Ghatashraddha” releasd in 1977 directed by Girish Kasarvalli a 14 times National Award winner, the movie is based on a Novel by well known writer U R Ananthmurthy.”Ghatashraddha” has won three national film awards including Best Film.

Ghatashraddha is a ritual performed at the time of cremation. The story revolves around a young widow Yamuna who lves with her father in an orthodox family, a local teacher  impregnates Yamuna, she tries commit suicide but a young student rescues her, Yamuna;s father disowns his daughter and performs the ritual  of death of his daughter sho is alive.

Filmmaker Shivendra Singh Dungarpur who heads India’s Film Heritage Foundation, is overseeing the  restoration process, the restoration will be done at L’Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna, Italy. The source element for the restoration is the original camera negative preserved at the National Film Development Corporation-National Film Archive of India.

In an interview to variety Mr Kasarvalli said “The fact that my film has been selected for restoration by none other than these doyens among filmmakers, is a matter of pride and great honor. I am thankful to Mr. Scorsese and World Cinema Project and Mr. George Lucas and Mrs. Mellody Hobson and Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation,” Kasaravalli said. “I would also like to give my sincere thanks to Mr. Shivendra Singh Dungarpur of Film Heritage Foundation who not only did put forward the proposal for restoration but also pursued it to its logical conclusion. Under his guidance, The Film Heritage Foundation has been rendering yeoman service in the area of archival preservation and restoration. It is a joy to see that the restoration work at the foundation is undertaken with so much love and care for the art form along with due respect to the innate vision of the filmmaker. I just can’t wait to see the restored version of my film in all its pristine beauty.”

Dungarpur also commented : “With 14 National Awards to his credit, Girish Kasaravalli is a leading light of Kannada cinema and we preserve his material in our archive.  His first film ‘Ghatashraddha’ was an obvious next choice for us to propose for restoration to The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project. We are so pleased that they agreed to collaborate with us and delighted that George Lucas and Mellody Hobson will be supporting the restoration through the Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation.”

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