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Nikon acquires American Digital Camera manufacturer RED

Nikon acquires American Digital Camera manufacturer RED.


In a move that signals an exciting new chapter in the imaging industry, renowned Japanese camera maker Nikon has acquired American digital cinema pioneer RED Digital Cinema. While financial details remain under wraps, Nikon announced that RED will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary, bringing its trailblazing technology into the Nikon fold.

This blockbuster deal unites two powerhouses known for technical innovation and uncompromising quality. For over a century, Nikon has been synonymous with optical excellence, building an impressive arsenal of still and video cameras trusted by professionals worldwide. RED Digital Cinema burst onto the scene just over a decade ago with cutting-edge cameras that delivered stunning 4K and 6K resolution, capturing the imaginations of Hollywood heavyweights.

Together, these two giants can shape the future of digital filmmaking. Nikon’s unparalleled optics and RED’s bleeding-edge capture technology promise cameras with unprecedented image fidelity. Nikon also gains a foothold in the world of professional cinema, while RED can leverage Nikon’s global marketing and distribution networks to get its cameras into more filmmakers’ hands.

The deal also highlights the increasingly borderless nature of the tech industry. Nikon brings Made-in-Japan precision to RED’s American maverick spirit, blending cultures and expertise. As competition intensifies, more strategic global partnerships like this one may emerge.

For creators, the possibilities engendered by this acquisition are thrilling. We will undoubtedly see technologies cross-pollinate across Nikon and RED’s product lines, with professional still shooters gaining access to cutting-edge video capabilities and filmmakers harnessing Nikon’s revered image quality. If the past is any indication, Nikon and RED will continue pushing boundaries, unleashing next-generation cameras that empower filmmakers to turn their boldest creative visions into reality. The future of digital filmmaking just got a lot more interesting

Founded in 2005 by Jim Jannard, LLC has 220 employees and  has headquarter in Foothill Ranch, California, USA.


Image shared on Instagram by RED president Jarred Land. 

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