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Fans Criticize BAFTA Awards for not including Mathew Perry in Memoriam.

                                       Mathew Perry 

Friends actor late Mathew Perry’s fans expressed their displeasure online over not adding late Mathew Perry  in obituary section in BAFTA Awards 2024, Mathew Perry died on 28 Oct 23 at the age 54.

The obituary section paid tributes to late actors Glynis Johns,  Jane Birkin, Sir Michael Gambon, Wilkinson,  Tina Turner,Carl Weathers, Sands, Harry Belafonte & Alan Arkin.

Fans expressed their displeasure on X ( Twitter) read the reactions.

a) “No mention of Matthew Perry in the #BAFTAs memorial?! Bad form @BAFTA.” wrote a fan.

b) some one else wrote: “Only came to make sure I wasn’t the only person saddened at the glaring omission by @BAFTA of #MatthewPerry during the in memoriam tributes! #BAFTA2024 I’m pleased to see it’s not just me!

c)  “Tina Turner was mentioned as an actress but Matthew Perry was NOT. #Baftas #BAFTA2024 #BAFTA.

d) “You can’t make this stuff up.” “#Matthewperry why wasn’t he mentioned in the BAFTA (sic)?”

e) Another fan wrote, “#BAFTA what happened to Matthew Perry in your memoriam. I know he’s famous for TV Friends, but he did films too – shocking mistake (sic).

however while realizing their mistake BAFTA spokesperson said  “I can confirm Matthew Perry will be remembered in our forthcoming BAFTA Television Awards.”


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