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Bob Marley

Bob Marley: One love is a biopic of Jamaican reggae singer, song write & Guitarist Bob Marley, an avid Rastfari follower, mastered reggae genre, as he mixed the music of reggae, ska , and rocksteady,  he is renowned for his unique vocal and songs. 

The movie highlights Marley’s late seventies time ( 1976 – 78) where he shifts to  London from war ravaged Jamaican city of Kingston escaping an assassination attempt on him and his wife . he  reforms his band and creates the iconic album ‘Exodus” .

Bob Marley is played by Kingsley Ben – Adir, his wife Rita Marley is played by Rashana Lync, Island Records Founder: Chris Blackwell is played by James Norton and Cindy Breakspeare is played by Umi Myers. In 1976, amidst fortified political conflict that is affecting quotidian life in Jamaica, Bob Marley announces he will perform at a concert, Smile Jamaica, promoting peace amongst the warring coalitions.

While preparing for the concert, Marley, his woman Rita, and several other members of his band are shot by assailants. Rita and Marley are rehabilitated, but survive and recover from their injuries in time for the concert. After performing, Marley, burdened that his own countrymen would try to kill him and his woman , shows the crowd his bullet injuries before walking off stage.

He tells Rita to take their children to Delaware in the United States and stay with his ma, as he and the rest of his band adventure to London. After floundering to come up with a new anthology generality, Marley asks Rita to return him and the band in England, and taking relief from the soundtrack of the film Exodus and their own situation, he and the band begin recording what would come their anthology of the same name.

The anthology becomes a mega hit and helps further overexpose reggae music and the Rastafari movement around the world. When the recording company schedules a stint in Europe, Marley also aims for stops throughout Africa to inspire the people there. This leads to disunion with Rita as she and Marley argue about his arrears and both his and Rita’s infidelities, in addition to having given up on promoting peace back in Jamaica.

Marley also gets into an altercation with director Don Taylor over a financial disagreement. After a toenail infection raises concern from Rita and his record patron Chris Blackwell, Marley is subsequently diagnosed with a rare skin cancer. Blackwell confronts Marley about treatment choices, reluctantly dismissed by a firm Marley. Faced with his own mortality, Marley reconciles with Rita and Taylor and ultimately decides to return to Jamaica in 1978, where he is ate back by a crowd at the field.

Back home, the shooter who had shot him and the others arrives and begs for absolution, to which Marley states he” keeps no vengeance”. After Marley debuts a song to Rita and the children about concession, she ultimately deems him ready to perform a peace concert.

The film ends as Marley and his band gear up to perform again for the Jamaican crowd with the song” One Love”. Apre- credits montage shows clips of the real Marley and his band during the One Love Peace Concert, which sees them joined on- stage by the heads of both of Jamaica’s political parties, also revealing that Marley and his band were suitable to perform in Zimbabwe to celebrate the nation’s independence before he failed of his cancer in 1981 at the age of 36.

The film is Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, One Love hits theatre’s in US on 14 Feb 2024 . 


Bob Marley died of Skin Cancer on 11 May 1981 at the age of 36. In Miami, Florida in the USA.

Bob Marley was Reggae Music singer and sold more than 20 Million audio records. 

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